About me

After spending over 5 years working way too hard behind the scenes in film and television production, I got thoroughly distracted by everything and anything to do with food. I finally gathered the courage to grab a hair net and an overly starched chef’s coat, quit my day job and ran away to become a chef.

Armed with a Professional Cooking degree, I worked as a cook and pastry chef in top restaurants (Lawrence, Sparrow) in my beloved hometown of Montreal. It wasn’t long before I wandered onto a TV set once again, joining the food styling team of a cooking show. I had finally found the perfect marriage between my past life in media production and my new all-consuming obsession with food.

Over the past 5 years, I have gone on to style food for magazines, commercials, web, print advertising and more cooking shows. Because I pore over recipes the way most people read novels or newspapers, I have also become a recipe developer, editor, tester and translator (French to English) for hire. And because you can never take the pastry out of the pastry chef, I also offer small-batch dessert catering by request.

Based in Montreal, I spend my days doing:

  • Food Styling
  • Prop Styling
  • Recipe Development
  • Recipe Testing
  • Recipe Editing and Translation (French to English)
  • Small-batch Dessert Catering